Hot Space

Hop Pole Inn Bromsgrove

Not a typical tribute band, the celebrate the music of Queen in their own style!

Common People

Hop Pole Inn Bromsgrove

Britpop Tribute Act - #ReliveThe90s with our totally live show dedicated to the music of Oasis, Blur


Hop Pole Inn Bromsgrove

Hey! if you want a band to give you one Hell of a Gig, performing Rock and Blues, Funk and Soul Classics played at their best, we will give you a night to remember! AC/DC to Zeppelin, Nirvana to Foo Fighters, Black Sabbath to Deep Purple, KOL to RATM, Tina Turner to Skunk Anansie, Audioslave to Alterbridge, Pearl Jam to Black Crowes, Joplin to Hendrix, Metallica to Motörhead, Stevie Wonder to Lenny Kravitz,Jet to Velvet [...]

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